Vantros was founded in the year 2014. After undergoing 6 years of development, Vantros is today a health management and health-tech company focusing on medical and health care technology for home-use as well as the promotion of natural cutting-edge health supplements. Currently Vantros has a community network of over 40,000 members throughout Malaysia.


To create a vehicle for people to grow and develop themselves in their personal character as well as in their financial well-being.


To empower people to lead and live successful lives through good values and traditions the VANTROS way.

Core Values






KG Lim

Finished Pre-U in Science in 1971.
Diploma in Behavioral Science in Management 1983-84
Diploma in Human Resources Management 1983-84
Executive MBA 1985.

Career Background:
College-trained Secondary school teacher 1974-1977
Ventured into MLM business 1977 as a Rookie until present day
(41 years!), having served in various levels of Management from
Sales Manager to GM to CEO to Managing Director of various MLM companies in Malaysia and Indonesia.
Presently CEO of MyVantros Sdn Bhd since 2016.

Adam Tee

Graduated with a Diploma In Management from the Malaysia Institute of Management, in 1988 and has a Master in Business Administration degree from USA.

An entrepreneur with extensive marketing and operations experience in managing multi level marketing (MLM) companies, he started his career in MLM industry in 1990 when he first joined a US based MLM company as operations manager.

In 1994, he later moved on to jointly starts 2 MLM companies before joining Vantros in 2015.

Prof. Jessy Jin
Prof. Jin graduated with a Ph.D. from University of Otago, New Zealand. He is the Director of The Research Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Beijing Senior Expert Technology Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He was the Chair Professor of IT, Professor, Head of Department in several universities in Australia including University of NSW (1993-2002), University of Sydney (1999-2004) and University of Newcastle (2004-2014). He is a founding member of IEEE Multimedia Chapter, Foundation member and Honorary Adviser of the Computer Ethics Society. He started working on Medical Imaging since 1993.
John Zhang

15 years of working experience in HealthTech. John is a serial entrepreneur who started 2 companies (one of which is Vantros). He co-found Vantros and together with his team turned Vantros into a multi-million sales company. Before John became a serial entrepreneur, he worked in one of the top 10 marketing companies in Malaysia for 5 years and helping that company to reach over US$ 100m in revenue when he left.


We’ve worked hard over the years to secure recognitions / awards from local & international establishments to put us at the forefront of professionalism, reputability & integrity in order to give our stakeholders peace of mind with our products & services.

MYVANTROS SDN BHD is a proud GDPMD-Certified Company by the MINISTRY OF HEALTH (MOH) MALAYSIA [CERT.No. MYG8161933]