Diamond Advisory Board (DAB)

Qualification of the rank of Diamond Director and above • Special invitation extended by the Vantros Board of Directors

The DAB is an exclusive body of Leaders who have achieved the rank of Diamond Director and above in the Vantros Freedom Plan and who, in the opinion of the Management of Vantros, have proven themselves to be worthy Role Models in terms of professional ethics and integrity in their commitment to, and participation in, the Vantros Healing Ministry.
Mdm. Rebekah Liew
Mr. Jonne Quah
Mr. Saw Kak Bin
Jacelin Lim
Eeo Boon Chuan
Ling Han Feei
Ling Mann Feei
Linda Goh
Nicole Lim
Cindy Lo Yung Yu
Lim Pei Shyuen
Adeline Kuek
Cindy Lai
Sim Boon Chuan
Fiona Oon (Jivako)